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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 14, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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served in his restaurants. learn to make his tampino and sweet potato pecan pie. - and this deal gets even better. order right now and i'll even ship it to you for free. i'm so certain you're gonna love the power airfryer 360 i'm gonna let you try it in your home for 90 days. if you don't completely love it, send it back for a full refund, no questions asked. - [announcer] order now, this offer is not available in stores. you get emeril's power airfryer 360, the stainless mesh basket, airflow rack, roasting bake tray, rotisserie spit, emeril's recipe book and free shipping. this is valued at over $400, all yours for just four payments of 49.99. this is an exclusive introductory tv offer you won't find in stores. so call now or go to to get yours. (upbeat music)
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- [kimberley] look at all that food. - [emeril] yeah, let's start right here with the steak fries first of all and then steaks. - [kimberley] beautiful. - [emeril] oh yeah, look at this, so look at the caramelization that we have. - wow. - right? - [kimberley] look how juicy those steaks are. - [emeril] right, look, look at that. - we got four steaks on top, steak fries in the basket on the bottom, that's a lot of food. don't you guys agree? (cheering) - well let me just show you, i'm just slicing these. look at how perfectly cooked that is. and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna take as many steak fries that you'd like and then what i love to do is take a little bit of my homemade worcestershire sauce, just a little drizzle of that. - [kimberley] look at that. - for a little flavor and then whatever garnish you like. i happen to really like a charred lemon with charred rosemary and there you have the most perfect steak and french fry dinner that you could possibly do, in 20 minutes. - in 20 minutes.
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(cheering) - so this is a very italian sunday tradition. - i knew you were gonna bring us something special today. - yes, tampino. but what we're gonna do is take blanched pasta, add the meats and mozzarella, lots of it, fresh basil, we're gonna take that now and we're gonna toss this all together. the meats, the pasta, the cheese. i'm gonna just go here. - we're going all in, right. - and you're gonna go in. - [kimberley] perfect, oh look at this. - watch what happens now. we take the dough and we work it in. - it's like a blanket of love (laughing). - yeah, it's like wrapping up the little baby. (laughing) in 30 minutes, this is what we're gonna have. (cheering) i hope you're ready for this. what we wanna do now is we wanna invert it. - [kimberley] oh, look at that. - okay, we wanna invert it. what we're gonna do now, folks is we're gonna go in and cut a little wedge.
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we're gonna go in for a wedge, look at that. (gasping) we're gonna go on with a wedge. (laughing) and then look of all the goodness and there you have it. (clapping) okay, tampino! ah we got more coming, don't go anywhere. (cheering) we're gonna slow cook this, six hours.. - wow. - [emeril] now here's the great thing that i love, corned beef, six hours. - [kimberley] oh, look at that. isn't that nice. - oh yeah, oh yeah. you slide it over and pray that it doesn't completely fall apart. - that smells so delicious. - speaking about perfect, look at it falling apart. i'm not even gonna be able to get it on the board. - beautiful. - [emeril] it's so tender. - doesn't that look delicious. - [emeril] that's what i'm talkin' about. - this is one powerful appliance. - [emeril] yes, you better believe it. what we're gonna do is we made some reuben's.
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(cheering) - [kimberley] perfectly cooked. - [emeril] yeah. - don't you love a good toasted sandwich, golden brown on both sides of your sandwich. - [emeril] right. - yeah that is beautiful. this appliance, check that out - thank you. - it's the perfect size for one or perfect size for a huge crowd. now we're gonna go bake. how about a white chocolate macadamia nut bread pudding. (cheering) we have eggs, we have melted butter, we have sugar, we have vanilla and we wanna just sorta beat this up a little bit. that much milk and cream. so, whether you're using baguette, french bread, brioche, you have to let the bread soak. it's thirsty, hear the bread going, (slurping). (laughing) and then you hear another (slurping). (laughing)
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once it soaks, then you add the white chocolate chips and then you added the toasted macadamia nuts. - [kimberley] beautiful, beautiful. - and then you let that all incorporate and then, we put it in our casserole. you wanna talk about something you wanna make, let me tell you, oh, did i tell you it's in the book? (laughing) (cheering) okay, oh yeah. that's exactly what it looks like. watch this. - [kimberley] so crunchy on the top and golden brown. - [emeril] oh wait. - [kimberley] look at that. - let's get another one. (gasping) ooh-la-la. i like to give it a little bam, bam, bam! (cheering) with some caramel. (gasping) and then a little whipped cream. (chuckling) and let's have a macadamia nut white chocolate bread pudding cheer.
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more and more cameras are getting mounted on buildings, homes, and for a good reason. things like this. if you look closely at the beginning of this video. >> it's been around in the bins or something. >> you spied it, oli. two suspects come right out. one of the guys that's running has something that's clearly on fire in his hand. you see all those flames erupt from the windows and doors on the left side of that building. this is an arson investigation now. police are looking for two suspects. these guys did get away. the building sustained about $177,000 worth of damage. it's hard to tell if that one guy was still holding the ignition source or if he himself had caught on fire. >> that often happens in arson, they say. the quickest way to find people is to go to the hospital and look for the guys with burns on their hands. >> fire is obviously very
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destructive as you saw in that case. for that reason, that's what this guy decided to use to kill weeds around his house. >> not the brightest idea. >> boy, oh, boy, you have no idea. he's standing there watching these reeds catch fire more and more. it's clearly a breezy day. now the fire really taking hold of those weeds, spreading. >> he doesn't seem concerned at all. >> he's about to be. and the woman behind the camera is getting more and more concerned because you'll see how close this all is to their house. it goes from the reeds to those bushes. and i'm guessing it's his wife behind the camera. >> livid. >> oh, my god, i married the stupidest man alive. >> your wife is on fire for sure. >> he manages to get this under control. >> i'm sure this is going to be a heated point of discussion. the animals, they like to
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keep simon cowell busy. >> we had a call for a sparrowhawk in a garage. >> okay, got the net, got the trap, we're done here. it slips out. so it took a couple of attempts. >> it looks like a mechanics garage. >> he turned up, this job will be harder than i was expecting. >> this sparrowhawk slipped out of that net. >> just open the door. >> probably tried that, but who knows? >> well, let's see if this works. >> get 'em, get 'em! >> they didn't get it that time. let's see if the fourth attempt is something they can work with. >> three, two, one. >> that's not bad, man, it's like trying to clap with somebody else. >> it's going to be his stick for real. >> they are are in sync because they slowly bring it down. >> and they are able to keep it
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in their positisession this tim. but then time to let it go. >> i would have released it a bit further away, they're like right outside where it's now decided it's home. >> it likes it inside that warehouse. >> this bird casually walks up to this home that has a rain camera, the camera that's attached to a doorbell. >> he says this bird was messing around with the doorbell camera. >> hello, bird. >> aww. >> that doorbell honks! >> after the guy was able to say something, the bird heard him and it flew away. >> hello, bird. >> that was a jump. >> gotta go! >> hello, bird. leah is nailing her audition. >> what took you so long? >> amazing delivery. >> but see how a romantic twist takes things totally off script.
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>> what's the plan? >> i love you. and phil is expecting a bouncing bundle of joy. but -- >> time to break the news to the mrs. >> that's pretty gross. to meet someone.want you this is jamiis is jami. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together. right, champ? -i'm getting more nuggets. -how about some carrots? you don't want to ruin your dinner. -you're not my dad! -that's fair. overstepped.
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♪ it obviously doesn't know you. icyhot. icy to dull, hot to relax. rise from pain. icyhot. anyone who's ever stepped into an audition knows just how difficult and nervewracking they can be. leah walks into hers. >> can you do me a favor and sit on the stool, then just stay planted there for me because all the cameras are set perfectly for that. >> she's auditioning for the part of a fiance in this story. >> what took you so long? >> amazing delivery. >> what is the plan? >> you are the love of my life. other things will come and go, but they're meaningless compared to you. >> if you've been to an audition, you no he this reader
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kind of sucks. >> give me something to work with, send something my way and i'll send it right back. >> take your time. >> i'm sorry. >> just take your time. >> right about here is when our reader is sent off. someone else is coming in to fill in. >> okay. all right. >> and she just stops cold in her tracks. she actually recognizes him. >> what are you doing here? >> this is her boyfriend phillip abraham. he's also an actor and a filmmaker. and this shows just how good she is because even though she doesn't understand the situation, she still goes on with the script. >> what took you so long? >> tailor-made isn't quick. it took some time convincing you know who. >> and you couldn't tell me? >> there's definitely more emotion. >> so what's the plan? >> i love you.
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i want to marry you. if i never make a movie and if you never make an audition, i just want to live life with you. >> aww. he just changed the script. this is when she realizes this is all just a setup to get her there for his proposal. >> will you marry me? >> so wait, does this mean there's really no part? because she kind of nailed it. >> right. >> it's the part of a lifetime. >> will it be on lifetime, though? >> we don't know if it's going to be on lifetime, but she definitely got the role. she is officially now a fiance. and, umm, i got a really big announcement to make, this is something i'm really excited to say, i'm going to have a baby. >> awesome. congrats, phil. >> it's something i've wanted for years and
3:52 pm
working in the tropics. it's not a baby with my wife. and it's not a human baby, it's a botfly baby and it's growing in my back. >> do you want to see it? >> i do. >> essentially it's a maggot growing in his back. it's in there and it's eating its way in. >> that's gross. >> my name is phil torres and i'm a tropical biologist. >> biologists actually look for this experience, to be able to birth a botfly is apparently like a rite of passage for them. >> she's 100% right. it's all about seeing if you can get it out there, maybe in five or six weeks, look after it and name it. if i got one, it would be quick. >> i have a maggot growing inside me. >> it's time to break the news to the mrs. >> so i have a fly larvae
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growing in my back. >> no, no! can you get it out? >> no, i want it to grow. >> no, you can't bring this to our home and keep it. >> here is some super macro footage which i think is really fascinating. >> and here it is. >> it's science. >> he let this thing grow for three weeks? oh, no way! >> it's time for some bonding. >> you kind of like it now, right? >> like is too strong, a strong word. the phone starts ringing. >> but suddenly there's a pretty distinct change. >> hi. yes. >> when making a call has you sounding like someone else.
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>> i bet you'll eat it, though. if you have a colorful mom, you've probably heard this a lot. >> clarissa, you've got mail. >> mine, whenever i got mail, they always looked in it. >> take your time, get financial aid, you'll need support. you need to call people. >> our daughter here has gotten a letter from financial aid. >> you need to call financial aid, okay? it's very important. i don't have the money to do it. >> girl, you better get on there. [ telephone ringing ] >> our daughter here, she calls.
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suddenly there's a distinct change. >> hi, yes. umm, i'm calling because i received a letter stating that i need to renew my application. yes, because of a change of address. mm-hmm. oh, you're the best. okay, great. have a great day. >> who is that? >> who was it? >> that was not you on the phone. >> the funny thing is didn't your parents do that? >> my mum is a half step away from the queen when she's on the phone. >> listen to her phone call. >> the insurance company. >> she might be friends with your mom. >> hello? oh, hello, dahling. >> it's actually my mother. wow. >> quite charming, yes. well, i called last week, and i'm having a bit of trouble with my password. >> who are you, lady? >> can you imagine that?
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[ chuckling ] boy, do i feel silly. >> her daughter is now shocked. >> where did that accent come from? >> like are you auditioning to be the next companion for dr. who? >> okay, i'm going to go to my room, your majesty. that's all we've got for now. but there's always more at check it out, connect with us. we'll see you next time on a brand-new "rtm."
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